When people think of the horseshoe casino in Cleveland, they don’t automatically think of a luxury hotel. Some may even see it as an auto body shop.

horseshoe casino cleveland hotel

The reason for this is that these cars are often somewhat shabby when they arrive at the property and only become nice after a few weeks of service. They are often covered in mold and left to sit the year round, so once they leave, you might as well just throw them away. For anyone who has ever driven through this area, you can imagine that this isn’t exactly a desirable look.

I was lucky enough to drive past this location and actually catch one of these horrible looking cars on the side of the road. It was a Dodge Neon, or as it is commonly known in the world of sports cars, a “stock” dodge. You can usually tell when you see one because they are always modified, or at least slightly altered, from the factory. The orange paint job seems to always be in need of some type of bleaching and just trying to figure out how they got it on there seems to be a mystery to me.

It didn’t take me too long to decide I wanted to use the back of the car for some type of racing event, such as the Indianapolis 500 or some other high profile race. I didn’t have much money to invest in such a project so I needed to choose the right venue to hold my car show. I was looking for a hotel that would accommodate a large group of people, but was close to the course that I wanted to use for my car show.

Since I didn’t have much money, I knew I had to look for a way to cut corners and this was a good thing. I was also looking for a hotel that didn’t have a lot of competition for business. That meant I had to find a place where the horseshoe casino was about an hour away from downtown Cleveland, which is a big deal. It was worth it to have a place to hold my car show, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make the amount of money I wanted to in order to put a large amount of money into the business.

Fortunately, there were two hotels that met my needs. One of the hotels was the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland. The horseshoe looks more like a brick building with small windows on the sides, and it’s the part of the hotel that is completely exposed to the air. This makes for perfect weather conditions for the summer months.

The other hotel that I chose was the Sheraton Cleveland Hotel, and it’s the first one I went to when I arrived at the horseshoe casino. As you can see from the pictures, it had a modern, clean feel to it, unlike the Horseshoe Casino where a lot of the guests are wearing bandannas and hats.

Obviously I was not disappointed by either hotel and I was pleased with my choice, but it definitely taught me a lesson in learning to compromise when it comes to my own problems. So I guess it wasn’t that bad. We all have to make compromises in life sometimes.