We’ve all heard of the seven high rolling clubs in Cincinnati that feature extraordinary play and a wonderful community atmosphere. The Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati oughta be one of those. It’s got to have some reason to be where it is: on the official National Registry of Historic Places.

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What other great building has that? I’d say this and no other:

One last thing: how about a little historical, not-so-realistic tourism: golfing? The lovely Presidential Hotel is located right next door, and that has a wonderful gazebo-type structure with an observatory roof for good measure. That’d be something I’d like to do.

Its too bad it’s so expensive. Ahem, yes, but it is a real casino with a lot of history. You could also try the old Barnum’s Cafe, which used to be next door, and is now gone. Fun.

As always: just because you’re a little bit smarter, a little bit more educated, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. There’s no such thing as a stupid person. So don’t try to take the victory away from the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, Ohio.

Indeed, this is what we Americans like to call a place with a lot of things that aren’t exactly so clear cut, as if we had to be lectured on them. Such is the American story.

Yes, there are good reasons to visit Cincinnati in the summer or the winter. But where can you go when the rest of the country has already been there and done that? You can’t get into a real historic casino unless you are willing to go out and fight for it.

That’s why it’s the perfect destination for you. It is probably the most exciting place in the whole U.S. to visit. You can go here and live.