hotels near horseshoe casino cleveland ohio

Hotels Near the Horseshoe Casino Near Cleveland, Ohio

There are several hotels near the horseshoe casino in Cleveland, Ohio. There are four hotels within walking distance of the casino, two of which have great locations and can be reached by taking a quick trip to Cleveland, Ohio. The casinos are located on Cuyahoga Valley National Park and there are no parking issues so guests can walk to the casino and play without having to worry about traffic or getting lost. The best part is that the hotel is also a short walk away from all the restaurants and shopping malls in Cleveland.

The hotels near the casino are located in several different areas around the area. These include Main and Prospect streets, Westmount Road, and Clark Road. All of these locations are within easy driving distance and will offer guests plenty of options when it comes to dining, shopping and entertainment while they are on vacation.

The first hotel in this selection is the Holiday Inn Express at Main Street and Prospect. This hotel is centrally located in Cleveland, Ohio and is easily accessible from all of the major roads and highways in the area. This hotel is one of the best options for guests looking to stay near the horseshoe casino. The hotel is a short walk from the casinos and the restaurant and shopping areas of downtown Cleveland. The hotel offers many wonderful amenities including free Wi-Fi, refrigerator, television, free breakfast each morning, and more. There are also a laundry facility and business center for guests who want to stay active during their time off from their trip.

The next hotel is the Holiday Inn Express at Westmount and Clark. This hotel is located close to the Westlake mall and Cleveland State University. There are several restaurants in the area as well as other shops that guests will love to visit. There is free wi-fi, television, free breakfast every morning, and more. Guests can also enjoy live music, games and activities such as billiards and ping pong.

The last hotel to be considered is the Holiday Inn Express at Westmount and Prospect. This hotel is located directly across from the Westlake Mall. The hotel is within walking distance from all of the other hotels and is just minutes from the casino itself. The hotel offers free wi-fi, refrigerator, televisions, and more. Guests can also enjoy live music, restaurants, games and shopping during their time off from their trips to the casino. This hotel also offers free parking, hot tubs and saunas for guests who wish to relax while enjoying the casinos.

Hotels near the horseshoe are just a few of the choices available for guests looking for a convenient location to stay during their vacations. These hotels offer some of the best accommodations available in the area and the services offered by restaurants and stores that are located close to the casino. Whether a guest is staying for a few days or for a week or more than they plan to stay, the Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel is a great option for finding the right hotel for them to stay at when they visit the horseshoe in Cleveland, Ohio.