Whether you are staying in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville, Detroit, Las Vegas, Cleveland Ohio, New York City, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, Houston, or Las Vegas, the Hilton Cleveland Downtown or the Hyatt Regency Cleveland Downtown are only a short distance away and just a few minutes from our hotels and gambling-infested and non-stop riding public transportation system. However, regardless of which Cleveland hotel you select, once you are there, you are likely to want to find out more about hotels near the Horse Tracks, the Ohio State Fairgrounds, and the South Point Aquarium.

Each year at the Horse Tracks and the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Cleveland Ohio, thousands of people come to see the modern setting of the race track, the rides, the adventure courses, and much more. Come in January, come in June, and come in October to see the giant show. The Animal Kingdom Park is one of the best attractions of the big three of the Circus World, because you are surrounded by zebras, giraffes, elephants, hippos, and the famous Blue man. The CarePark is on land with amazing sea life, rides, and fun.

Horse racing, the fair, and the racetrack are the main reasons most people visit the area, but there are other attractions, bars, and attractions. The Vineyard hosts a show-and-tell featuring several handmade glass sculptures from around the world. Unlike some of the other attractions, the Best Friends Animal Rescue Centre is more than just a rescue centre. This place is a wonderland.

You may not be familiar with Pokemon World, but there is an attraction that is made up of Pokemon locations, buildings, and shops. If you prefer adventure, there is the Roller Coaster, a large world track roller coaster with a monster. If you are a very active person, you can ride the ziplineto other places. The Small Business Expo is open to the public with a range of great booths and vendors that are a great way to connect with companies and get to know their products and services. The best places to purchase any souvenirs are at the Asia/Pacific Restaurant & Park District, the China Town Convenience Market, the Downtown Ohio Expo Center, the Gluten Free Ohio Mall, the Bowling Park, or the Petco Park.

There are some very good hotels that offer safe, comfortable accommodations in close proximity to the city, including Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Sheraton Columbus Downtown, InterContinental Columbus Downtown, Biltmore Hotel & Conference Center, and The Clio at The Ohio State Fairgrounds. The Downtown Columbus Hyatt Regency Cleveland Downtown offers a blend of the best of modern amenities and service. Your room will provide a comfortable comfort to all your guests, including lots of television, internet access, and all-inclusive restaurant fare.

No matter what you are looking for, the hotels near the Horse Races offer a truly spectacular show and are the perfect venue for you to get out and meet the local people. Check the hotels and attractions listed below and decide on which one meets your needs.

While the Horse Tracks and the Ohio State Fairgrounds is great places to go out and see the sights, don’t forget about the other attractions of the area. It may seem like the Rodeo Road, the Orange Blossom Festival, the Ohio State Fairgrounds, and the South Point Aquarium are just a short drive away, but by leaving the horse racing in the morning and checking out the attractions, you can see them all in a little over an hour.