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Fun at the Hard Rock Hotel in Covington

Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati, Ohio is a high-stakes gambling casino in Cincinnati, OH, operated by Vici Real Estate and owned by Hard Rock International. It first opened in October of 2020. It has since become a major tourist destination in Cincinnati. It is located in Covington, about four miles north of downtown Cincinnati.

Hard Rock Casinos offers an amazing array of games including slot machines, poker, blackjack, bingo, roulette, sports betting and live video streaming. The most popular slot games at the Cincinnati horseshoe casino include the Slots Jackpot, which offers the chance to win up to $1 million if you hit the jackpot in all three consecutive spins. The Slots Jackpot also offers the opportunity for players to place their wagers in real money and to cash out prizes received by playing the Slots Jackpot.

Hard Rock also offers a variety of other gambling opportunities. The Hard Rock Cafe serves snacks and meals to patrons as well as a small private bar. The Hard Rock Cafe also offers special events such as live music, dinner dances and dance parties. In addition to the cafe, Hard Rock offers a full service casino, complete with an eight-course restaurant and bars, video gaming and live entertainment. The Hard Rock Bar serves cocktails and food as well as beer.

The Hard Rock Casino also offers a casino bonus program, which rewards players with additional points that can be used towards future play or to redeem for gift cards or other merchandise. A great feature of the Hard Rock Casino is its video gaming system. Players can watch videos, play video slots or video poker on the casino’s large screen television while enjoying their favorite game.

A special bonus package offers the ultimate in gaming fun for players who play at the Hard Rock Casino: two free nights at the luxurious, five star hotel, The Carlyle, where players can take advantage of the complimentary breakfast, premium cocktails, late night snack service and free parking. Also included is an introductory poker tournament that allows players to win up to two thousand dollars each night!

When looking for a great time with friends, the Hard Rock Hotel in Covington is the place to go. The casino also offers free shuttle service between the hotel and Hard Rock venues. The casino itself is located just about four miles from downtown Covington, so you’ll never have to worry about driving.