If you’re planning a trip to the Cleveland area, chances are you will want to make sure you’re parking where it is safe and easy. Here are some tips that can help you find the best parking spaces around the city.

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The Cleveland Metropolitan Convention Center is home to the largest indoor convention in the world, the Horseshoe Casino. Visitors to this area are encouraged to park in a designated lot on the west side of the building and use their vehicles as they enter and exit the building. Visitors will find an abundance of parking at both the north and south parking garages.

If you’re not visiting the Horseshoe, you can still find plenty of parking in all of the downtown areas. The North Lot is located on East Boulevard between Huron Street and Madison Avenue. The South Lot is located between Front and Madison Streets. Both of these lots are within walking distance of the Hilton Cleveland Downtown and the InterContinental Hotel. If you plan on traveling out of the Cleveland area, you’ll find plenty of parking at the East Lot and the West Lot located on East Boulevard between Huron Street and Madison Avenue.

There are also parking lots located outside the arena. Visitors should park in the East and/or South lots before they enter the facility. Once inside, parking should be on your right hand side, and you’ll find a large number of handicap accessible parking spaces.

If you have never visited this location before, you may be surprised to learn that the lot is divided into several sections depending on where you’re parking. You’ll find lots to park in the northeast corner of the parking garage, west parking lot, east parking lot, and south parking lot.

Parking at the Cleveland arena will be relatively easy for visitors. However, you will find a wide variety of parking lots around the city. If you’re driving into the area, you will be pleased to know that there are a number of great options, including lots along the East Side, where you will find lots on Huron, Front, and Madison streets. As you travel out of the area, you’ll find plenty of parking in the West Lot and the North Lot on Huron Street.

If you’re parking outside of the arena, there’s no need to worry about paying extra for parking. There are lots that are located off of Huron Street just west of the arena. If you’re looking for better parking options, you’ll want to make sure that you look online because you can find lots throughout the city to park in.

Those who have never been to the Horseshoe Casino should take advantage of all of the parking facilities that are available. You’ll find lots at many other facilities that charge a nominal fee for parking.