Cincinnati, Ohio is a great place to visit and most places of interest are just a short distance away from Cincinnati’s horseshoe casino. This casino is very famous for it’s casino games and has hundreds of tables to choose from.

It’s not only the thrill of playing casino games that makes this a great place to visit but also the total fun in the casino activities and restaurants. You can also visit the Cincinnati Zoo if you have more time to spare.

But if you are wondering what other attractions in Cincinnati can offer you in terms of entertainment, the answer is this: After hours get up and dance! The famous “Horseshoe” offers the best seats in the house to see their live entertainment and dance shows.

There are two separate types of floors at the Horseshoe Casino. One floor is for gambling and the other is for entertainment. These different floors include Dancing Floor, Lazer Tag, Demolition Derby, Champagne Bar, Kings Jousting Competition, Philharmonic, and much more.

The second floor has been a favorite of patrons of the Horseshoe for many years. For those who cannot afford to play the slot machines, there are still plenty of other attractions to see. Those who want to enjoy the show but do not have the money to play, are able to get into the free online slot machine.

Other entertainment includes the Improv and Live Band. If you want to make the night even more memorable, there is also a DJ that can turn on the music for you.

Entertainment does not end there though. Also on the Horseshoe there is the custom theater that can seat up to 450people. And for the more daring entertainment there is also the Petting Zoo.

Another interesting attraction you can find at the Cincinnati horseshoe casino is the haunted houses. This is the haunt of the Harley Davidson Museum where you can go see the legendary motorcycles as well as bike shows and other exciting experiences. So, if you are looking for a fun family event or get up and dance party then this is the right place to be.